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Zecharies & Alejandro Szabo: De Contra Bando

Zecharies & Alejandro Szabo: De Contra Bando

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By Diego Zecharies & Alejandro Szabo

The duo DeContraBando born with the intention to play tango in this unusual format and difficult, if his harmonica limitation without ever losing the passion and energy that this music brings. So far there are very few classical musicians (Yo-Yo-Ma, Gideon Kremer, Barenboim ...) that have succeeded in uniting the technical excellence attached to the true feeling of the tango. DeContraBando would also go down that road, playing Astor Piazzolla, Leopoldo Federico, Anibal Troilo, Eduardo Rovira, Horacio Salgán and other classics with malevaje the Rio de la Plata and the perfection they deserve. Interpret tango written especially for double bass and works by color intensely believed could be transmitted only two instruments

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