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Teppo Hauta-aho: A Tribute to Teppo

Teppo Hauta-aho: A Tribute to Teppo

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Featuring on Double Bass:
Giuseppe Ettorre
Enrico Fagone
Joke 310 (Giuseppe Ettorre, Alessandro Serra, Roberto Parretti)
Robert Nairn
Vokan Orhon
Dan Styffe
Simon Garcia
Jani Pensola
Risto Vuolanne
Thierry Barbe
Petru Iuga
Alberto Bocini
Andrea Pighi
David Heyes
Esra Gul
Kiyoe K.D. Wellington
Antonio Romero Cienfuegos
Ben Groenvelt
vassilis Papavassiliou
David Desimpelare
Esko Laine
Diego Zecharies
Barre Phillips

People of the Double Bass at the Court of King Teppo Hauta-aho.

This 4-CD set of the music of Teppo Hauto-aho, recorded by an international collective of bassists from around the world, includes his best-known composition, Kadenza. Here are 38 of the over 400 compositions to Teppo’s credit, performed by Alberto Bocini, who was the organizing force behind this tribute, Dan Styffe, Thierry Barbe, Rob Nairn, Volkan Orhon, Esko Laine, Vassilis Papavassiliou, Diego Zacharies, Guiseppe Ettorre, Jani Pensola, Simón García, Petu Iuga, Barre Phillips, Enrico Fagone, Esra Gul, Ben Groenvelt, David Desimpelaere, Antonio Romero Cienfuegos, David Heyes, who wrote the liner notes, Andrea Pighi, Kiyoe Wellington, Risto Vuolnanne and others.

The fourth CD features Teppo himself performing solos, duos (including three with Barre Phillips), a double bass quartet, and even two works with farmyard animal! Essential listening, this is a rare treasure at an amazing price that should be in every bassist’s listening library.

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