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Sybarite5: Disturb The Silence

Sybarite5: Disturb The Silence

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By Dan Styffe

1. Lera Auerbach: Memory of a Tango
2. Teppo Hauta-Aho: Poetic Caprice
3. Gyorgy Kurtag: Message- Consolation A Christian Sutter. Alio Modo
4. Olav Anton Thommessen: A Lyrical Duet
5. Giacinto Scelsi: Mantram
6-10. Jakob Kullberg/ Per Norgard: Secret Voices
11. Bernard Salles: III- Thierry Barbe
12. Bernard Salles: I- Dan Styffe
13-15. Rolf Martinsson: Double Bass Concerto No. 1

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