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Styffe: Postcards from Oslo

Styffe: Postcards from Oslo

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By Dan Styffe

This is a collection of new and existing compositions for solo double bass, the second CD in a series of “Postcards from” recordings featuring double bass. Says producer Steve Plews, “I first met Dan Styffe in 2005 when we recorded a concerto for two double basses by Kevin Malone. I stayed in touch with Dan and composed a couple of pieces for him. I had always admired his sound. I like the way that as a classical bassist he has a very musical feel, more like that of a jazz musician.” The • Reflections: Simon Garcia • Polar Lights: Simon Garcia • The Intelligent Hand: John Alexander • Dan ìs Ballade: Teppo Hauta-aho • Hällristningsområdet: Sadie Harrison • 5 Pieces: Terje Viken • Coltrane: Steve Plews • Sonata for Solo Bass: Bernard Salles • Sonatina for Solo Bass: Marcus Paus • Les Voix Humaines (Pièces de Viole): Marin Marais

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