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Styffe: Double Bass

Styffe: Double Bass

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Double bass players are a heroic race, conquering an instrument with extensive amplitude and physical dimensions. On his debut recording as a soloist, Dan Styffe – principal bass player with the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra – proves to be not only heroic, but also a sensitive and extremely nuanced musician. In the solo works on this disc – including works by such profiles as Isan Yun, Hans Werner Henze and Luciano Berio – Styffe displays both power and finesse. Chamber music by Alfred Schnittke and Sofia Gubaidulina is also part of this journey into the lower registers.

Track listing:

Isang Yun Together for Violin and Double Bass
1. I mvt.
2. II mvt.

Hans Werner Henze
Serenade for Double Bass (Adapted by Lucas Drew)
3. Adagio
4. Un poco allegretto
5. Pastorale
6. Andante con moto
7. Vivace
8. Tango
9. Allegro marciale
10. Allegretto
11. Menuett

Sofia Gubaidulina
12. Sonata for Double Bass and Piano

Alfred Schnittke
12. Hymn II for Violoncello and Double Bass

Øistein Sommerfeldt
Monologi for Double Bass Op. 45 B (Adapted by Dan Styffe)
14. Molto Rubato
15. Vivace
16. Adagio

Knut Guettler
17. Variations on Greensleeves for Double Bass

Luciano Berio
18. PSY for Double Bass

Paul Hindemith
Sonata for Double Bass and Piano
19. Allegretto
20. Scherzo (Allegro assai)
21. Molto Adagio - Rezitativo - Lied

François Rabbath
22. Ode d' Espagne for Double Bass

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