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Sturm: Landscapes - Bass Meets Voice

Sturm: Landscapes - Bass Meets Voice

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By Hans Sturm

The Red Mark duo album that was produced by the legendary Frank Proto after hearing the couple perform at the Edinburgh Bass Festival. The CD was recorded live in Cincinnati in front of a studio audience. Hans wrote and arranged much of the material including the five movement Landscapes Suite, Black Water, and Dream Milonga.

Track Listing:
1. I Want To Be Happy
2. Green Dolphin Street
3. Blackwater
4. Only Trust Your Heart

5. Desert
6. Mountain
7. Grassy Plains
8. Oceans
9. Rainforest

10. Dindi
11. Dream Milonga
12. You Stepped Out Of A Dream
13. Love Comes And Goes
14. Admit It
15. 'Round Midnight

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