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Sturm: Back Home

Sturm: Back Home

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Back Home illustrates just how big, beautiful and colorful, a tonal palette can be -- cutting edge acoustic and electric guitar, virtuosic plucked and bowed double bass, spiced with ethnic hand percussion. “What a pleasure to play with one's brother! Rolf is a smoking guitarist and we're joined by percussion master Glen Velez. Each of us contributed half the tunes - out on Water Street Music.” –Hans Sturm

Track Listing:
1. Washington Square Park
2. Bip
3. Dream Milonga
4. I'm Gonna Be (Missin' Miss Marsha's Marvelous Mirth)
5. B's Eyes
6. Spring Thaw
7. Rain's End
8. Bill's Tango
9. Sue's Saudi Blues
10. Back Home

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