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Rabbath: Multi Bass '70

Rabbath: Multi Bass '70

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All of the fantastic multiple bass recordings originally included on the Multi Bass LP from the 1970s plus performances of the complete War and Peace, and Ma Mčre, Baidja released for the first time.

Track Listing

1. L'Odyssee D'eau
2. Poucha-Dass
3. Incantation Pour Junon
4. Horda
5. Embruns
6. Papa Georges
7. La Guerre et la Paix: War and Peace
1.Avante-Guerre(Before the war)
2. Guerre(War)
3. Apres-Guerre (After the war)
4. Paix (Peace)
11. Mutants D'eau Pale
12. Breiz
13. Equation Du Temps
14. Thyossane
15. Olivier
16. Sete Quate
17. Ma Mere, Baidja

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