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Palombi: Re:Person I knew - A Tribute to Scott LaFaro

Palombi: Re:Person I knew - A Tribute to Scott LaFaro

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So, how to record a tribute to Scott LaFaro without trying to sound like a clone. That can be tricky, especially considering I've transcribed every one of his solos from Waltz for Debby and Sunday at the Village Vanguard. I can certainly do a great impersonation of Scott, but when left to my own devices, I don't think that I sound anything like him. Luckily, I was able to parse the lessons I've learned about what makes him a great player and separate them from his actual note choices. I decided to take the DNA of his playing, as well as that of the Bill Evans trio, and rework it into something that is my own thing. I wanted to make a CD that pays tribute to his great playing and the work that he did with Bill and Paul without stooping to the level of copying exact arrangements of tunes. Ultimately, I just wanted to make a good CD a recording that, if Scott were alive today, he would say, "Hey, great CD. I like the way you guys play-thanks for dedicating it to me." - Phil Palombi

Track listing:
1. Israel
2. Turn Out the Stars
3. Improvisation: Meditation
4.Gloria's Step
5. Chopin-esque
6. Improvisation: Inspiration
7. RE: Person I knew
8. The Calling
9. Improvisation: 1961
10. A Monk Minute
11. Memories of Scotty
12. Trepidation

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