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Morton: Thresholds

Morton: Thresholds

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Volume 1 by Mark Morton

The repertoire is a comprehensive catalog of important literature for the solo bass player that is performed with depth, pleasing simplicity, and charm.

Track Listing:

Henry Eccles
Sonata No. 11 Bk. 1 in G minor
1. Largo
2. Corrente: Allegro staccato
3. Adagio
4. Presto

5. Sergei Rachmaninoff: Vocalise, Op. 34, No. 14
6. J.A. Lorenziti: Gavotte
7. Max Bruch: Kol Nidrei, Op. 47
8. Camille Saint-Saëns: Allegro Appassionato, Op. 43
9. Gabriel Fauré: Après un Rêve, Op. 7, No. 1

Antonio Capuzzi
Concerto for Double Bass
10. Allegro moderato
11. Andante cantabile
12. Rondo: Allegro

13. Ernest Bloch: Prayer (No. 1, of From Jewish Life)

Franz A.L.J. Keyper
Romance and Rondo
14. Romance: Adagio
15. Rondo: Allegretto

16. Chang Pao Yuan: Grassland Song

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