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Liben: A Family Album

Liben: A Family Album

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Throughout the history of music, performing musicians have consistently composed music for their own instrument. More often than not the music they wrote was for their own use. Their work resulted in compositions that reflected not only their own musical concepts, but perhaps took advantage of some new playing technique that they had devised or discovered - which after a suitable incubation period became an accepted part of the technical repertoire available to both performers and composers. This tradition while not quite as fashionable today as it once was, is alive and well in the world of the double bass.

The pieces included in this album were all composed by performing bassists. They were written not only for themselves but for the rest of our family to enjoy. It is only a small sample of what we are making available to each other today. They represent many corners of the compositional and performing spectrum. To those with a wide-ranging musical appetite there should be many hours of pleasure here.

Thanks to the generous support of the Robertson & Sons Violin Shop Liben is able to bring out this new printing of one of our most popular editions at no increase in price.

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