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Korb: Finding Home

Korb: Finding Home

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Kristin Korb treasures the jazz tradition. She is known for her collaborations with Ray Brown, Bruce Forman, Jeff Hamilton and more who have all taken note of her incredible sense of swing. On Kristin’s 2013 release What’s Your Story?, she dug deep into her long-standing relationship with classic jazz material and those musical personalities who influenced her. Out of those relationships and experiences, a more developed and diverse musician is emerging and Finding Home.

Love brought the American bassist and singer to Denmark in 2011. Finding Home features Kristin’s stories of love, travel, language lessons and the peace she has found in her marriage and her adopted country. Instead of her “korbinated” arrangements of jazz standards, Kristin has made the bold leap to write all original material to fit her life experiences.

Track Listing:
1. Something To Celebrate
2. Jeg Elsker Dig
3. 58 Boxes
4. Up Again
5. It's Spring
6. The Letter
7. Happy For Me
8. Invisible
9. Finding Home

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