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Jones: ReComp

Jones: ReComp

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By J.C. Jones

As opposed to mere editing, recomp involves the deconstruction, subtraction, selection, rearrangement, and reconstruction of the material. It not only changes the sequencing, but it radically affects the feeling and flow of the music, revealing new connections, transitions, and possibilities.

Track Listing:
1. Excited Strings: Yuval Mesner (cello) & JCJ (bass). March 2006
2. Avishai Cohen (bass) & JCJ (bass). March 2005
3. Eyal Maoz (guitar) & JCJ (bass). November 2007
4. Between the Strings Trio: Daniel Hoffman (violin), Nori Jacoby (viola), JCJ (bass). April 2006
5. Ned Rothenberg (alto sax) & JCJ (bass). Live in Jerusalem, March 2004
6. Excited Strings with Steve Horenstein (flute) To M. February 2007
7. Ariel (piano) & JCJ (bass) A l'essentiel. October 2007
8. Rubin Jones Gotesman Trio: Harold Rubin (clarinet), JCJ (bass), Arkady Gotesman (drums). Live in Tel-Aviv, July 2007
9. Steve Horenstein (sax & electronics) & JCJ (bass & electronics). 1997
10. Excited Strings with Steve Horenstein (bass clarinet). February 2007
11. Between the Strings Trio. Elegy. April 2006

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