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Jones: Citations

Jones: Citations

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Citations, like all valued works of art, is an odyssey. It is a journey into Jean Claude’s innermost emotions and energies which he channels, almost subliminally, through all manner of hand and bow application to the strings and body of his double bass.

Track Number

1,7,14,16: Sco Recurring Theme

2,3,8,11: Extracts from live performances with dancers Anat Shamgar, Shelly Palmon, Julyen Hamilton, 2008/2010/2011

5: Equations, free improv recorded live at the Deep Tones for Peace telematic bass event that took place in Jerusalem on April 26, 2009.

6,9,13: OFM recurring theme, overdubbed composition in my home studio, 2011.

12,15,16: Extracts from a free improvisation performance, electro-acoustic bass and live electronics, with dancer Julyen Hamilton, 2008.

4: Retroactive, 10: BT Trem, 17: A 432 Hz for Ina, overdubbed compositions in my home studio, 2011/ 2012

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