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ISB: Dear Madeleine

ISB: Dear Madeleine

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You will want to buy the new CD from ISB. Dear Madeleine, a love letter from the world’s greatest bassists to Madeleine Crouch, the longtime executive director of the International Society of Bassists (ISB) in the form of a crowd-sourced fundraiser for the organization. These are the monsters of the instrument, presenting a collection ranging over the spectrum of the expressive possibilities of the bass. Dear Madeleine should be required listening for every student of the instrument and in every music history and orchestration course.

What an assemblage of artists! What a smorgasbord of styles!

An instant collector’s item, Dear Madeleine features as performers and often composers:
• Intrepid jazz masters such as John Clayton, Ron Carter, Rufus Reid, Lynn Seaton, Tom Knific, Chris Kosky, Todd Coolman, Alan Lewine and Jim Ferguson;
• Superb classical maestros David Murray, Jeff Bradetich, Thierry Barbé and ISB founder Gary Karr;
• Broadminded new music specialists Mark Dresser and Michael Moore;
• And notable multi-stylists (as are, in reality, most of the players) Frank Proto and Edgar Meyer.

Many of the performers are currently or have been members of the Board of Directors of the ISB. All are good friends who frequently appear at the ISB’s biennial conventions. This CD was a project better kept in secrecy than the NSA’s cyber spying program during more than a year of development. The artists and executive producers Doug Mapp and David Gage all donated their time and effort and with the ISB Board paid all costs of recording and paying accompanying musicians as well as post-production and printing Dear Madeleine.

Now Dear Madeleine is available to the public as a fundraiser for the ISB.

But don’t buy this for the tax deduction or only to show your support for the ISB. Buy Dear Madeleine to learn the sonic and musical possibilities of this fantastic instrument as presented by the greatest players in the world.

Track Listing
1.Mad Rap! (John Clayton)
2.Zoom Blewz (Lynn Seaton)
3.Dudley Beetle (Chris Kosky)
4.I'm All For You (Michael Moore)
5."Ode on the name of Madeleine Crouch" (Thierry Barbé)
6.O.P. Update (Todd Coolman)
7.Aria and Variations (Gary Karr and Harmon Lewis)
8.Mad for MAD (Mark Dresser)
9.Sonar Contigo (Alan Lewin)
10.Beegeedeem (David Murray & Diana Gannett)
11.Her Hymn (Tom Knific)
12.Greensleeves (Jeff Bradetich)
13.Don't Go Away Mad (Jim Ferguson)
14.D.B. Blues (Rob Carter)
15.I Can't Explain (Rufus Reid)
16.Madeleine (Edgar Meyer)
17.Greetings from Gallifrey (Frank Proto)
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