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Hoock: Dittersdorf Play-a-Long

Hoock: Dittersdorf Play-a-Long

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This play-a-long CD has been designed to aid preparation for auditions and concerts. Practicing with it facilitates work on intonation and rhythm and helps you to familiarize yourself with the accompaniment. The metronome markings for the movements are deliberately not too fast (100/58/116) and we have also added some run throughs at practice speed. Track markings within the movements will help you to work on selected phrases. Needless to say that individual musical work should be done with a “real” pianist. Track 1 allows you to tune to a 443Hz A. In both the first and second movement the piano part takes you right up to the cadenza. The introduction of the third movement has been shortened by 12 bars. Bars without accompaniment and the passage with the faster tempo towards the end of the third movement have an underlying click track.

As some orchestras request bass players to play in orchestral tuning at auditions, this CD also contains a D-Major version.

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