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Herman: Life

Herman: Life

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Jory Herman, Double Bass
Bryan Verhoye, Piano on tracks 1,2,6-10
Brendan Nguyen, Piano on tracks 3-5

San Diego Symphony Orchestra musician, Jory Herman, has recorded his second solo album titled Life. Vier ernste Gesänge (Four Serious Songs) by Johannes Brahms is the capstone work on this album. Adapted from the solo baritone work, this arrangement for double bass gives the dic emotional depth and highlights the rich sonorities unique to the lowest instrument of the string family.
The Skellet Knell by up-and-coming composer David Kirkland Garner is a world-premier commissioned by 25 nationally recognized bassists and organized by Mr. Herman himself. This uniquely crowd-sourced composition pushes the boundaries technically while capturing sonorities thate are idiomatic to only the bass. Self-produced by Jory Herman and recorded by Daniel Rumley of Rumley Music and Audio Productions in 2015, the album captures the incredible depth and resonance of the double abss in contrast with the powerful yet nimble piano accompaniment of both San Diego local musicians Brendan Nguyen and Bryan Verhoye.

Track Listing:

1. Ave Maria by Astor Piazzola
2. Serenade from The Snowman by E.W. Korngold

The Skellet Knell by David Kirkland Garner
3. Part One
4. Part Two
5. Part Three

Vier ernste Gesänge (Four Serious Songs) op. 121 by Johannes Brahms
6. For that which befalleth the sons of men befaleth beasts
7. So I returned, and considered
8. O death, how bitter are you
9. Though I speak with the tongues of men of angels

10. Beau Soir by Claude Debussy

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