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Haapala: Sonic Poems - Music for the Deep Violin

Haapala: Sonic Poems - Music for the Deep Violin

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Includes music for solo double bass, duo with bouzoki, trio with soprano sax and marimba, quartet with voice , piano and soprano sax, and finally Double Bass Choir and a singing Elk!

"There is a lot of wonderful music making on Sonic Poems... Each track on this platter is a must!" - Chris Kosky, Bass World

""Haapala is one of Scandinavia's leading lights!" - Richard Grooms, The Improviser

Track list:
1. Scelsiana
2. 5x11th Lamentation
3. The Escaping Life
4. Ja päivä pimeni
5. Calling Strange Herd Home
6. Low Attack and High
7. Hanjo
8. Eurasia
9. Aria for Elk and Basschoir
10. Partchiana
11. Talking About War Brings War
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