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Haapala: ISKRA: Luft

Haapala: ISKRA: Luft

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A Swedish ensemble of bass, drums, and percussion, featuring Tuomo Haapala on Double Bass.

"Iskra is constantly creating new sounds, textures,fresh approaches. Then a couple of things to plain marvel at."
Richard Grooms/The Improviser

Track list:
1. Luft (Air)

Rhinoceros Suite
2. Noshöring
3. Minnesförlustens Tid (The Era of Lost Memory)
4. Stormvind, Svavel Och Kristallark (Stormwind Sulphur and Crystal Ark)

5. Furufnatt (Pine-o-Mania)
6. Olssons Ande (The Spirit of Olsson)
7. Alku
8. Vättarnas Sång (Dance of the Gnomes)

Three Portraits
9. Music In Sand
10. Adams Besvärjelse (Invocation of Adam)
11. Listening

12. ...Driften Är Säker, Energin Ren... (...Reliable Operation, Clean Energy...)
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