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Haapala: ISKRA- Live in Stockholm

Haapala: ISKRA- Live in Stockholm

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From 1970 to 1992, ISKRA was Scandinavia's foremost group for free improvised music. They made fanciful, unpredictable, uniquely personal music that transgressed all genre boundaries. ISKRA's music was built on collective improvisation, and the arsenal of instruments used was limitless.

In the autumn of 2003 original ISKRA members Jorgen Adolfsson, Tuomo Haapala, Sune Spangberg and Arvid Uggla reunited at Cafe Agueli in Stockholm for a spontaneous casual concert.

The music was recorded and is now released on this CD.

1. Liberte
2. Egalite
3. Humanite

Jorgen Adolfsson-Saxophones
Tuomo Haapala-Contrabass
Sune Spangberg-Drums
Arvid Uggla-Contrabass

"Tuomo Haapala and Arvid Uggla create alternative lifes in their contrabasses A really brilliant album"
Magnus Nygren/soundofmusic

"Nothing for the faint hearted.. Needs multiple listenings. Beautiful! Recommended!"
United Mutations
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