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Gomez: The Art of Music

Gomez: The Art of Music

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A unique bass-piano duo, the “Art of Music” seamlessly integrates 21st century composition with lucid melodic improvisation. In the 12 original works musical feeling, logic, and technique are balanced over a broad range of intensity and complexity. As such, the recording is an inspirational handbook; a point of reference for music in general, for piano-bass collaborations in particular, and clearly not constrained to ‘jazz.’

Richly detailed sonically, the contrabass is featured; played to its technical limits by acclaimed bass virtuoso Eddie Gómez. A nine foot concert grand (a hybrid Steinway and Baldwin), also lavishly recorded, is played by notable pianist-composer, Mark Kramer (e.g., TELARC.)

Addressing a problematic issue, this recording provides a compendium of techniques through which the piano “nurtures the contrabass as lead.” Importantly, support of the bass occurs without sacrificing, as warranted, the piano’s potential to overpower the softer, mostly monophonic instrument.

Arguably, this recording comprises an advanced lexicon for the contrabass, for bass-piano duos and other ensembles featuring bass. It belongs in the collection of all bassists and pianists, for enjoyment, reference, and inspiration.

Track List:
1. A Beginning
2. Kharis in Orange
3. Next Future
4. Sunday Afternoon
5. Intens
6. Evening By the Lake
7. Muse @ 345
8. Dedication
9. Ascent
10. Mount Analog
11. Clues
12. Journey to the Center
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