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Gomez: Art of the Heart

Gomez: Art of the Heart

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“Art of the Heart” features music popularized by Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, and Nat King Cole performed by the legendary bassist Eddie Gómez and the brilliant pianist Mark Kramer. Kramer and Gómez have been concertizing for over 20 years. This CD tells us, in part, why they do.

Best known for his work with pianist Bill Evans, Eddie Gómez’s performance on this recording is reminiscent of that era, but is comparatively enhanced in terms of its sheer clarity, energy, emotional depth, and expanded techniques on the instrument. On this recording, Mark Kramer’s creative approach to the piano, through similar to that of Evans’, goes a step further in relationship to the bass. With “agility and daring” (as reviewed), Kramer provides a mix of texture/space, harmony, and counterpoint which serves to propel and highlight the bassist. Ultimately, the spectacular interweaving of the instruments provides the lasting impression.

The musical and emotional depth created by Gómez and Kramer throughout this recording is magical; belying the fact that the “middle of the road” underlying material, though attractive 50 years ago, would have been shop-worn in most other hands. Although there are only two of them, the music feels and sounds orchestral at times despite their generous use of space throughout.

The music Gómez and Kramer have created on this album is a study in musical communication, interaction, minimalism, and “orchestration” – i.e., a classic. -Paul Kohler

Track List:
1. Wonderful, Wonderful
2. Moment to Moment
3. Chances Are
4. Call Me Irresponsible
5. Hello Young Lovers
6. They Say It’s Wonderful
7. Smile
8. Easy To Love
9. Small World
10. It’s Not For Me to Say
11. If I Loved You
12. I’ll Be Seeing You
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