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Erdahl: The Vecchione/Erdahl Duo: It Takes Two

Erdahl: The Vecchione/Erdahl Duo: It Takes Two

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Track Listing:

Vignettes From The Miraculous Journeys Of Edward Tulane
Composed By – Timothy Goplerud

I. Jangles Dances For Pennies 1:12
II. Malone's Hobo Song 2:53
III. Down But Not Out 2:07

"Louisiana Suite" (5:26)
Dialogue For Oboe And Double Bass
Composed By – Dinos Constantinides

Two Dances: Scherzo And Valse
Composed By – Shane Monds 2:40

Minute Improvisations: II. Oboe And Pizzicato Bass
Composed By – Vernon J. Sandoz III 1:18

Three Songs For Oboe And Double Bass After Poems By Pablo Neruda
Composed By – Andrea Clearfield (7:31)
I. Body Of A Woman 3:17
II. The Light Wraps You 1:46
III. Every Day You Play 2:27

Rhumboid Composed By – Timothy Goplerud 3:39

Bedtime Stories
Composed By – Jody Nagel (12:29)
I. Typhon And Echidna 2:51
II. Python At Delphi 2:08
III. The Hydra Of Lerna And The Giant Crab 1:31
IV. The Gadfly, Sent From Hera 1:43
V. Scylla And Charybdis 4:05

"It Takes Two..."
Composed By – Timothy Goplerud 8:37

Canzone Vecchione - Luna Marinara; Alla Fierca Di Lanciana; Donna, Donna; La Girometta; Cantate Con Me
Composed By – Adrian Mann

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