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Dominguez: How About This

Dominguez: How About This

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“Something old, something new, something bowed, and something blue in the piano tradition with more bass!” That’s how a close friend and confidant described Mr. Dominguez’s “How About This”, But of course what matters most is that you provide it with some ear time and come up with your own description. Upon reaching his 40 year mark of playing the bass, Mr. Dominguez decided to arrange, perform, and produce his own CD, with encouragement from friends, colleagues, fans, and family.

Here’s what Mr. Dominguez had to say about the project: “The results represent a convergence of some very special people on a beautiful October day in NYC. It all started with Leon Lee Dorsey, a longtime friend and bass colleague who suggested the project and provided the incredible space that truly enhanced our creative process. James Farber and I go back to the late 70’s at UW-Madison during his playing days. He has distinguished himself as having some of the best ears in the business and I am grateful to have his expertise in recording these songs. Rick Germanson and Billy Hart were invaluable with their contributions. I’ve had longtime associations with both of these great players and was excited to join them together for a first time trio setting. What you’ll hear are unique arrangements of some good tunes played with a sophisticated sense of ensemble and inspired solos.”

Track list:
1. The Line
2. How About This
3. The Lamp Is Low
4. This One's For P.D.
5. Ask Me Now
6. Actual Proof
7. Yours is My Heart Alone
8. Bibo No Aozora
9. Stockholm Sweetnin'

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