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Bass Instinct: Butterfly

Bass Instinct: Butterfly

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"Butterfly" - something we associate with beauty, tenderness and possibly difficult birth. There are thousands of different butterfly's, colorful and in all sizes. A quite fitting title for Bass Instinct's third release. Over the past seven years we tried to acquire a catalogue of contemporary literature for six basses, a quite unusual set-up. For this CD we commissioned a wide variety of fellow bassists to write pieces for us, amongst them very established ones like Mark Dresser, Mark Helias or Joëlle Léandre, and some lesser known (but hopefully soon to be known) bassists like Thomas Stempkowski or Jiri Slavik. Even non-bassists like Barbara Bruckmüller contributed another composition for us.

Track list:

Gina Schwarz
1. El Violagambista

Joëlle Léandre
2. Butterfly II

Mark Dresser
3. Lacytude arr. by Gerhard Muthspiel

Barbara Bruckmüller
4. Bridesque

Thomas Stempkowski
5. Elf'

Mark Helias
6. Maples & Spruce I arr. by Peter Herbert
7. Maples & Spruce II arr. by Peter Herbert

George Breinschmid
8. 5/4 arr. by Peter Herbert

Jiri Slavik
9. Ceremony for a Narcissus Skuli Sverrisson
10. 19 Centuries arr. by Peter Herbert

Gina Schwarz
11. Next to Irnfritz

Peter Herbert
12. YAK 52

Gina Schwarz
13. Sound of air

Georg Breinschmid
14. Zorpner's holiday arr. by Peter Herbert
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