Tetsu Saitoh: Strings & The Moon CD/DVD/ART BOOK

Tetsu Saitoh: Strings & The Moon CD/DVD/ART BOOK
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Triptych #4 - Tetsu Saitoh: Strings & The Moon

Dedicated to the survivors and victims of the devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit Japan on March 3, 2011.

DVD: (1h 52 minute) Filmed during the time of the earthquake and its aftermath. All music by Tetsu Sainoh. The name of the 5 bass ensemble GEN 311 derives from the date of the catastrophe. ( GEN means String in Japanese).

CD: (52 minute) Free Improvisations - Tetsu Saitoh (bass), Lauren Newton ( vocals), Kazue Sawai (koto and 17 string bass koto). The pleasure of this recording reminds us that East meets West and that traditional ethnic and contemporary sounds are wonderfully compatible. Art Book (76 pages): Double-bass drawings by Yuji Kobayashi, calligraphy by Chie Inui ( string and moon ) and paintings by Lauren Newton.