Terje Gewelt: Selected Works

Terje Gewelt: Selected Works
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"Selected Works" is a collection of music from my eight recordings as a leader. As a bass player, I've always strived to balance the functional role of the bass with the great melodic possibilities of the instrument. To help me in realizing this ideal, I've been very fortunate to have some incredible musicians with me on these projects, some of my favorite players. I've seen it as a challenge to try to bring out different sides of their playing and in doing so develop my own musical identity. Thanks to all who have helped me along my way so far. -Terje Gewelt

Track list:
1. As Raindrops Fall
2. Wilder
3. Blue Waltz  
4. Small Country
5. Hide and Seek  
6. A Remark You Made
7. Mountain Aire
8. Autumn Leaves  
9. Small World
10. November
11. Ester's Waltz
12. Cry Wolf  
13. North Prospect
14. The Water is Wide
15. Old Folks
16. The Fens  
17. Daybreak