Stefano Sciascia: The Kingdom of Ibbi Obbi

Stefano Sciascia: The Kingdom of Ibbi Obbi
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Product Description

The Italian bass soloist Stefano Sciascia performs a program of short Romantic pieces which alternate with the voice of a narrator (Annalisa Consolo) telling the tale of the Kingdom of Ibbi Obbi - a fairytale written by Sciascia about a princess, a prince, a knight, and everlasting love. Accompanying the CD is an illustrated storybook of the tale by Laura Menegozzo, and both are housed inside a DVD-sized case. A great way to introduce children to the world of classical music.

Track list:

F. Chopin
1. Etude op.25 no.7   
2. Once upon a time...
P.I. Tchaikovsky
3. Valse Sentimentale   
4. The spell was broken...
D. Popper
5. Gnomen Tanz   
6. The eyes of the old man...
P.I. Tchaikovsky
7. Nocturne op.19 no.4   
8. The gnomes...
A. Scriabin
9. Etude op.2 no.1   
10. From beneath the bluebells...
E. Jenkinson
11. Elfen Tanz   
12. A white-hot light...
C. Saint-Saens
13. Mon Coeur s'ouvre a ta voix   
14. Poor witch...
S. Rachmaninov
15. Vocalise   
16. The mist was growing...
S. Rachmaninov
17. Prelude op.23 no.4   
18. The morning sun...
F. Chopin
19. Nocturne op.9 no.2   
M. Mussorgsky
20. Tears