Sonic Brotherhood: DTFP Israel 2009

Sonic Brotherhood: DTFP Israel 2009
Item# Dresser-sonic-brotherhood-dtfp-israel-2009

Product Description

It was one of the most beautiful projects in which I have ever been involved, requiring nine months of daily preparation on artistic, administrative and technical levels. It was an extremely complex event, requiring tremendous effort, will and faith to overcome the myriad of technical, social, political, and financial stumbling blocks that kept presenting themselves. Prior to the main telematic event was a series of four concerts, two of them with the DTFP by 5 bass ensemble documented on this recording. The over-riding feeling of camaraderie, support and love that permeated those events was truly remarkable and unforgettable. -Mark Dresser

CD Track list:
1. Irina-Kalina Goudeva - Menada for Voice and Double Bass, by Julia Tsenova
2. Mark Dresser / JC Jones
3. DTFP by 5 Bass Ensemble
4. Bert Turetzky / Barre Phillips
5. DTFP by 5 Bass Ensemble
6. Irina-Kalina Goudeva / Bert Turetzky
7. Barre Phillips / JC Jones
8. Mark Dresser
9. Dtfp by 5 Bass Ensemble
10. Barre Phillips