Leon Bosch: Josep Cervera - Bret The Catalan Viruoso

Leon Bosch: Josep Cervera - Bret The Catalan Viruoso
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Josep Cervera grew up in a unique environment. He was born into a musical family, giving a large advantage over his peers, and schooled thanks to the altruism of the Counts of Peralada, where he was born. His musical development continued at the Peralada music school where his father Jaume was teacher, and whose counts looked after every pedagogical detail, making sure that the best equipment was always available to the students. From here Josep entered the seminary where he also received the best education one could hope for in those days, again paid for by his benefactors. His output of compositions for the double bass is by any standard high. Even the celebrated Giovanni Bottesini does not come close: there are 62 catalouged works known to be in the family archive. There could have been more but some of these works were found to be impossible to salvage after the years that passed between his death and when they were rescued from his attic. The manuscripts had been subjected to too much erosion for them to survive.

Track listing:
1. Elegia  
2. Romanza
3. Nocturno  
4. Reverie
5. Berceuse
6. Recuerdo de Londres
7. Cielo Gris
8. Introduccion y Tarantel-la  
9. Fascinacion
10. El Carnival de Venecia