Jim Ferguson: Not Just Another Pretty Bass

Jim Ferguson: Not Just Another Pretty Bass
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Product Description

Singing and playing bass is a challenge in any style of music, but imagine walking a continuous stream of fresh quarter-notes over jazz changes while holding down the groove, singing complex melodies, and putting it all across with conviction, taste, and tone. On his solo debut …Jim Ferguson offers swinging, straightahead jazz tunes that feature his solid upright lines and melodic soloing as well as his beautiful vocal renditions. ...

Track Listing:
1. Not Just Another Pretty Bass   
2. Early Autumn
3. Blame It On My Youth   
4. While We're Young
5. South To A Warmer Place
6. Swingin' Machine
7. Lazy Afternoon
8. Charade   
9. The Real Thing
10. Autumn Serenade
11. I Get Along Without You Very Well