Jim Ferguson: Deep Summer Music

Jim Ferguson: Deep Summer Music
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...This is no ordinary talent. Ferguson is revealed not only as an absolutely first-rate bassist, with a rich even tone, flawless intonation, a swinging pulse and a lyrical and fluent solo style, but also as an accomplished and distinctive vocalist. His light, pleasing tenor is heard here on a programme of classic but unhackneyed songs...

Track Listing:
1. Deep Summer Music
2. What's A Guy Supposed To Do?
3. I'll Only Miss Her When I Think Of Her
4. Wait Till You See Her
5. There'll Be Other Times
6. Walkin' The Dog
7. Slow Hot Wind
8. The Night We Called It A Day
9. Come Home To Red
10. Then I'll Be Tired Of You
11. When The Night Is Done
12. Nobody Home
13. When Your Lover Has Gone
14. In the Wee Small Hours Of The Morning