Jason Heath- Winning the Audition

Jason Heath- Winning the Audition
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BECOMING AN ORCHESTRAL AUDITION JEDI MASTER - Podcast Host and Author Breaks Down the Tactics Used by Audition Winners.

What 27 different audition winners have in common Jason Heath, host of the internationally recognized podcast Contrabass Conversations , sat down to talk auditioning with musicians from the world’s top orchestras. With over 1.5 million downloads, podcasts of these conversations have inspired musicians to better their performing skills. Jason has taken this wealth of knowledge and distilled it into a book containing actionable steps for musicians to improve their auditioning skills. This book is broken down into eight chapters covering the evolution of the modern audition system, basics for audition preparation, using technology to enhance practicing, stories of successful auditioners, the mindset of an audition winner, and ten practicing steps for audition success. A foreword by National Symphony member and Peabody Conservatory faculty member Ira J. Gold is included along with a transcript of a conversation with Metropolitan Opera Orchestra percussionist Rob Knopper.