Hans Sturm: Fireflight

Hans Sturm: Fireflight
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Product Description

Soprano Mimmi Fulmer commissioned Hans to write two suites, Sun Suite and Smoke and Fire. The Innova release features Mimmi's voice accompanied on the Sun Suite by the Fireflight Ensemble, the trio of Elizabeth Falconer (koto and bass koto), Dane Richeson (percussion), and Hans (bass). Dane and Hans were joined by Mike Kocour (piano) and Les Thimmig (bass clarinet) for Smoke and Fire.

Track Listing:
Sun Suite
1. Invocation
2. Habanero Sunrise   
3. Fireflight
4. Daylight
5. Ellipse
6. Emerald Sunset   
7. Starshower
8. Night Parable

Smoke and Fire
9. Smoke   
10. Fire