Gary Karr Plays Japanese Songs

Gary Karr Plays Japanese Songs
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Some of the most haunting and mesmerizing melodies ever written can be found in these collections of songs. The impact of their messages is just as evident outside of Asia. Truly, they are a special treat for everyone to enjoy.

Track Listing:
1. Hana
2. Kojo No Tuki (Moon over the ruined castle)
3. Hakone Hachiri (Long and stern mountain path of Hakone)
4. Aoba No Fue (A flute of green leaf)
5. Oborozukiyo (A night with hazy moon)
6. Jogashima no Ame (Raining Joga-shima Island)
7. Machiboke (Waiting in Vain)
8. Chugoku-Chiho no Komoriuta (Lullaby of Chugoku region)
9. Sakura Sakura (Cherry blossoms)
10. Akatombo (A red dragonfly)   
11. Sunayama (Dune)
12. Kono Michi (The path)
13. Yoimachigusa (An evening primrose)
14. Tsuki no Sabuka (A dessert under the moon)
15. Hamabe no Uta (Song for strand)
16. Biwako Shuko No Uta (sailing through the Biwako Lake)
17. Habu No Minato (The harbour of Habu)
18. Defune (Sail from a poet)
19. Yashi No Mi (A coconut)
20. Nara-Yama (Nara, the ancient city)
21. Yamadera No Osho-San (Bronze at a mountain temple)
22. Itsuki No Komoriuta (Lullaby of Itsuki)
23. Natsu No Omoide (Remembrance of last summer)