Gary Karr Plays Japanese Songs II

Gary Karr Plays Japanese Songs II
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Some of the most haunting and mesmerizing melodies ever written can be found in these collections of songs. The impact of their messages is just as evident outside of Asia. Truly, they are a special treat for everyone to enjoy.

Track Listing:
1. Soushunfu (Poesy of early spring)
2. Awate Dokoya (Hasty barber)
3. Karatachi No Hana (Flowers of citrus trifoliate)
4. Chatsumi (Picking tea leaves)
5. Natsu Wa Kinu (Summer has come)
6. Azami No Uta (Song of thistle)
7. Sakura-Gai No Uta (A kind of carpenter's telling shell)
8. Yama no Kemuri (Mountain smoke trails)
9. Kojo (An old castle)
10. Sato No Aki (Autumn in a small village)
11. Nanatsu no Ko (Loving seven-year-old baby crow)
12. Shikararete (Having been scolded)
13. Hama-Chidori (Plover)
14. Yuki No Furu Machi Wo (Snowfall on the streets)
15. Miagete Goran yoru No Hoshi Wo (Look at the stars above)
16. Ue Wo Muite Arukou (Walk with your face up)
17. Nangoku Tosa Wo Atonishite (After having left Tosa, The southern country)
18. Koko Ni Sachi Ari (My happiness is here to stay)
19. Yoake No Uta (Song of dawn)
20. Furusato (My dear home village)
21. Gondora No Uta (Song of gondola)