Frederick Charlton: Japanese Suite “The Four Seasons”

Frederick Charlton: Japanese Suite “The Four Seasons”
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Based on Japanese Folksongs for Double Bass and Piano. Includes Piano parts for solo and orchestral tuning.

Praise for Mr. Charlton's compositions : We did get the pack of music yesterday and Harmon and I already played through the Japanese Songs which we enjoyed very much. As you might know, we've performed a lot in Japan (where I've had my greatest success) and we always include Japanese songs in our concerts. We recognized a couple of the songs in your music and thought that the arrangements were very clever and the accompaniments a lot better than the original published versions. Once again, congratulations and thank you very, very much for sharing. I can't wait to try some of the other pieces after Karr Kamp is over, but, of course, I'll show your music to the participants as something in which they should be interested.

Basst wishes, Gary Karr