Frank Proto: Sonata 1963

Frank Proto: Sonata 1963
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In 1963, Frank Proto was planning his gradutaion recital while at the Manhattan School of Music. Needing another piece to fill out his program, Proto searched for a contemporary piece. He wasn't able to find one that he liked so he chose to compose his one. The result was Sonata 1963 for Double Bass and Piano.

The work is in four movements with the only audible break coming between the second and third. It explores many of the characteristic techniques that the instrument is capable of employing but too infrequently called upon to use, lyrical playing and unimprovised jazz pizzicato being just two.

A Piano Solo Tuning part is available but it does NOT include an additional bass part. To view this product, click HERE

A recording of Frank Proto himself playing this piece is also available for purchase. See Frank Proto: Chamber Works 5 - Early

Featured on the DVD/CD Combination Package: Catalin Rotaru Plays Music for Double Bass and Piano by Frank Proto