Francois Rabbath: "Live" Around The World

Francois Rabbath: "Live" Around The World
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Product Description

Rabbath in concert from Australia to Paris. This digitally re– mastered collection includes some rare performances never–before released. Sixteen selections including Rabbath’s Poucha-Dass, Ordis, Ode d’Espagne, Prades, Ordis, Crazy Course, Ibérique Péninsulaire and more.

Track Listing
1. Poucha-Dass
2. Ordis
3. Reitba
4. Desert
5. Impalas
6. Ode D' Espagne
7. La Guerre Et La Paix
movements 3 and 4
8. Prades
9. Kobolds
10. Crazy Course
11. Iberique Peninsulaire
12. Equation Du Temps
13. Concerto No.1 for Solo Double Bass
14. Sete Quate
15. Breiz
16. Concerto No.2