Dreaming- Songs of Lori Laitman

Dreaming- Songs of Lori Laitman
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Product Description

Dreaming features a powerfully emotional new work by composer Lori Laitman who specifically wrote it for Gary Karr and Baritone voice. With its poignant and reflective texts written by Holocaust victims, both the voice of Will Sharp and the expressiveness of the doublebass makes this music come alive for a stunning sonic and poetic experience. The way these two artists work together in this extraordinary composition is nothing short of amazing.

Track Listing:
Four Dickinson Songs
1. Will There Really Be A Morning?
2. I'm Nobody
3. She Died
4. If I...
Men With Small Heads
5. Men with Small Heads
6. Refridgerator, 1957
7. A Small Tin Parrot Pin
8. Snake Lake
9. The Sunflowers
10. Dreams
11. Sunrise
Holocaust 1944
12. I Did Not Manage to Save
13. How Can I See You, Love
14. Both Your Mothers
15. What Luck
16. Massacre of the Boys
17. Race
18. Holocaust 1944
The Years
19. Jewels
20. To-Night
21. Barter
22. Faults
23. The Years
24. To a Poor Old Woman, This is Just to Say
Between the Bliss and Me
25. I gained it so...
26. A Book
27. I could not prove
Little Elegy
28. Little Elegy
29. Dreaming