Danny Ziemann: The Low Down

Danny Ziemann: The Low Down
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The Low Down is a comprehensive jazz bass method book covering the fundamentals of bass line construction, with useful information for beginners and advanced players. Combining the author's formal background in Music Education and Jazz Performance, The Low Down accomplishes teaching the basics of sound production, layout development, and walking line construction with extreme clarity.

"This work will prove helpful to the intermediate bassist who needs a resource that encourages analysis as it helps the creative juices to flow. I am especially glad that Danny has included recorded examples so that the student can hear things like groove, tone, concept and other items that books alone cannot address. Bravo!"
-John Clayton, Jazz Bassist/Educator

"...The Low Down is a well thought out and sequenced method to illustrate the myriad of options that we bassists have to become a more musical, swinging, and articulate bassist. The information is clearly stated. Now bassists, it's your time to go to work! Congratulations Mr. Ziemann."
-Rufus Reid, Jazz Bassist/Composer, Author: The Evolving Bassist

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