Dan Styffe: Revisited

Dan Styffe: Revisited
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Product Description

A true master of his instrument, solo double bassist of the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra – Dan Styffe – has inspired composers like John Persen and Gisle Kverndokk to write music for the double bass. The two pieces Du0 and ...wither wander you... are even written for the rather unusual combination of flute and double bass, instruments that actually work beautifully together.

The CD opens with a tango etude by Piazzolla, cleverly arranged for the bass by Styffe himself. The enormous range of expression and musical potential this instrument holds in the hands of the right player is reflected in Scelsi’s Maknongan and Hauta-aho’s Pieni Bassofantasia, and in one of Xenakis’ late pieces Roscobeck the cello joins in for a more spectacular musical event. American composer Paul Ramsier’s beautiful piece Eusebius Revisited is set out for solo double bass with piano, and these melancholy ‘remembrances of Schumann’ ends a CD that no doubt will make you listen.

Track Listing

Astor Piazzolla
1. Tango Etude no. 4 (Arr. Dan Styffe)  

John Persen
2. DuO for Flute and Double Bass

Giancinto Scelsi
3. Maknongan  

Teppo Hauta-aho
4. Pieni Bassofantasia

Gisle Kverndokk
5. ...wither wander you...
Duo Concertante for Flute and Double Bass

Iannis Xenakis
6. Roscobeck for Cello and Double Bass  

Paul Ramsier
Remembrances of Schumann for Double Bass and Piano
7. I Rubato, molto expressivo
8. II Con intimo sentimento  
9. III Allegro molto
10. IV Allegro energico
11. V Allegro molto  
12. VI Moderato sostenuto
13. VII Piacevole