Bruce Gertz Quintet: Thank You Charlie

Bruce Gertz Quintet: Thank You Charlie
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This recording is dedicated to the memory of Charlie Banacos, beloved family man, incredible, inspirational person and teacher, (of the elusive craft of musical improvisation). He was a friend and mentor to all the thousands of students who had the good fortune to communicate and study with him. Charlie possessed a brilliant mind and intuitive nature, which allowed him the ability to read, minds somewhat. In turn he would know the exact, correct thing for a student to practice. He also was very conscious of the body and how to approach an instrument such that you would not injure yourself through an un-natural repetitive motion of the wrist, fingers, arms etc. I began my journey with Charlie Banacos in 1982 at which time my name reached the top of his 2+ year waiting list. Oddly, I still do not recall ever putting my name on the list. People I knew who studied with him told me, “Your name came up and you should call Charlie.” For the next six years I went weekly for my lesson with Charlie. I loved being part of Charlie’s magical way of creating group consciousness through his ear training. He would say positive things about you to another student and you would indirectly get Charlie’s encouragement and support away from the lesson. His positive attitude was contagious.

Track list:
1. This Is All I Ask
2. Thank You Charlie  
3. Moonlight Becomes You
4. Into The Fold  
5. My Ship
6. True Colors
7. Some Other Time  
8. What's Next?
9. Trajectory  
10. Detour Ahead
11. In A Perfect World