Blaise J. Ferrandino: Song and Dance for Double Bass and Piano

Blaise J. Ferrandino: Song and Dance for Double Bass and Piano
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Dr. Blaise J. Ferrandino is Professor and Division Chair of Music Theory and Composition at Texas Christian University where he has been since 1990. Besides his work as a composer Ferrandino is a Music Theorist and Double Bassist. His degrees are from Ithaca College, Syracuse University, and the Hartt School. He is active in publishing, presentation, and composition/performance and is lead editor and author of The AP Vertical Teams Guide for Music Theory. Dr. Ferrandino organizes and presents week long as well as two-day workshops in Music Theory for the College Board. Works featuring double bass include a song cycle, cello symphony, quartets, and a number of duos with various instruments.

A Song and Dance was written at the request of Steve Reeves, principal bass of the Melbourne Symphony, to serve as the 2011 compulsory piece for the age 14 and under ISB competition. As suggested by the title, the work is in two main sections; an arioso with da capo ornamentation and a rondo that derives much of its material from the opening section. As I composed I found myself increasingly grateful for all the hours spent in practice, rehearsal, and performance. A Song and Dance is as much of the bass as it is for the bass. The work is designed to showcase many of the wonderful properties of the instrument while treating the piano as an equal partner in the music making.