Bjorn Ianke: The Contemporary Solo Doublebass III

Bjorn Ianke: The Contemporary Solo Doublebass III
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One of those musicians who are always developing, always searching for new ways of expression. Throughout his professional career he worked very hard to expand his own capabilities and gain more repertoire for the solo double bass. Bjørn Ianke’s eminent technique, his great heart for the instrument and intuitive musical understanding was an inspiration to many composers. Arne Nordheim, Antonio Bibalo and Cecilie Ore are among the people who have written especially for Ianke, challenged and intrigued by the unforeseen possibilities this instrument acquired in his hands.

Track Listing:

Arne Nordheim
Three Stanzas for Double Bass Alone
1. I Across
2. II Octophonia  
3. III Searching

Åse Hedstrøm
4. Touche  

Iannis Xenakis
5. Theraps  

Henrik Hellstenius
Essays sur les temps double
6. I mvt.
7. II mvt.  
8. III mvt.
9. IV mvt.  
10. V mvt.