Basso Cantante

Basso Cantante
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Product Description

Although it features Schubert's "Arpeggione Sonata", the gem on this recording is a Canadian folksong, "When I wake in the morning." It has been a staple encore piece of the Karr/Lewis Duo for 30 years since they lived in Nova Scotia.

Track Listing:
Arppeggione Sonate
1. 1st Mov. : Allegro
2. 2nd Mov. : Adagio
3. 3rd Mov. : Allegretto
4. Vocalise, Op.34, No.14 (S.Rachmaninoff)
5. La Cygne (Saint-Saens)
6. The Entertainer (S.Joplin)
7. Kojo No Tsuki (R.Taki)
8. When I wake up in the morning (Nova Scotian/Folksong)
Three Catalonian Carols
9. El Noi De La Mare
10. Fum, Fum, Fum
11. El Cant Dels Ocells