A Paul Ellison Family Album

A Paul Ellison Family Album
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When Nicholas Walker made plans to celebrate Paul Ellison and his contributions to the double bass community at the 2017 ISB Convention, Hunter Capoccioni, another Ellison student, invited a number of composers in Paul’s circle to contribute works for solo bass for a family album to be presented to Paul at a surprise party at Ithaca College on June 6, 2017. The result of that collaboration is published proudly by ISB Editions, with all proceeds benefitting the ISB. Included in the Paul Ellison Family Album are:

1. Meditation for a Brother of Soul by John Clayton 2. A Souvenir for Paul by Frank Proto 3. Being and Time by Matt Kline 4. Pointe à Basile by Etienne LaFrance 5. …only a number by Richard Lavenda 6. Blue 7 for PVE by Hans Sturm 7. Keeper of the Flame by Rufus Reid 8. The VanHorn by Nicholas Walker