Thomas Martin: Bottesini Collection 4

Thomas Martin: Bottesini Collection 4
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Giovanni Bottesini, an accomplished and respected conductor, also enjoyed a globe-trotting career as ďthe Paganini of the double bassĒ. For this recording manuscript sources have been used for his Fantasia on Belliniís La sonnambula, Variations on Nel cor piu non mi sento from Paisielloís La molinara, arrangements of famous works such as Chopinís Etude in C sharp minor, Op. 25 No. 7, the Air from Bachís third Orchestral Suite and other pieces.

Track listing:
1.Fantasia 'La Sonnambula'
2.Melodia in E (Romanza patetica)
3.Capriccio ŗ la Chopin   
4.Melodia (Giovinetto innamorato)
5.Tutto che il mondo serra   
6.Introduzione e Gavotta
7.Meditazione (Aria di Bach)
8.Nel cor piý non mi sento
9.Ci divide l'ocean
11.Variations on a Scottish Air-'Auld Robin Gray'
13.Introduction et Variations sur le Carnaval de Venise