Miller and Ramsier Play Ramsier

Miller and Ramsier Play Ramsier
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Paul Ramsier's doublebass compositions have established the composer as a major figure in the evolution of the instrument. His larger compositions are the most widely performed contemporary works for doublebass and orchestra. These compositions have set new standards for the instrument through more than one hundred fifty performances with orchestras. In the fall of 1999, Ramsier moved from New York City to Sarasota, Florida, where, he says, "I discovered that John Miller, principal bass of the Florida West Coast Symphony, is a world-class soloist of rare gifts." During the summer of 2001, Miller suggested that he and Ramsier make a recording of some of the composer's compositions for doublebass that had not been recorded. Ramsier was initially hesitant to practice the piano again, but Miller and others felt that a composer's participation adds a touchstone for performers - especially when compositions are published - and becomes a historical reference as well.
Track listing:
Three Lyric Pieces

Zoo of Dreams I "WalrusBird"
4.Movement I
5.Movement II

6.Variations (from Pieces for Friends, Vol. II)   

Six Early Scriabin Pieces
7.Prelude, Op. 9, No. 1
8.Etude, Op. 2
9.Etude, Op. 42, No. 4   
10.Prelude, Op. 22, No. 1
11.Prelude, Op. 16, No. 4
12.Albumleaf, Op. 45, No. 1

J.S. Bach: Preludes and Gallentries
16.Two Minuets

Excerpts from Pieces for Friends, Vol. II
20.The Grand Bass Gavotte   

22.The Low-note Blues (A Musical Tale for Children)   

Pied Piper
23.Road to Hamelin
24.A Magic Spell
25.The Mayor
26.Silver Forest
27.King of Rats
28.Up the Mountain
29.The Sleepy Children