Mark Dresser: Guts BOOK/DVD/CD

Mark Dresser: Guts BOOK/DVD/CD
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The DVD is primarily a lecture demonstration on extended techniques, an augmentation of my article "A Personal Pedagogy," appearing in the book ARCANA-Musicians on Music (2000) and two recent articles appearing in the string magazine, STRAD (October 2008 & 2009). A few demonstrations include: Gravity Bow Drops, Higher Harmonic Partials, Compound Artificial Harmonics, Arco Multiphonics, Falsetto Flautando, Subharmonics, Two-Handed Pizzicato Technique, and Double Glissando (to name a few).

About the music in brief: The first track, Visceras, explores a kind of multi-timbral solo polyphony. The following track, Spleendeed, is a two-handed hammer-on bi-tonal elegy in a morphing microtonal harmonic language. Innard Pulse obsesses on sliding near unisons and its beating tones, breaking up into sliding descending gestures and returning to bi-tones. Dermus is a skin-and-bones exploration of rich transients, energetic, and vertical bowing and multiphonic gestures. Duohandum focuses on two-handed hammer-on bitonal diad just-intoned harmony. K-Tude is a through-compossed study of arppegiated harmonic chords dedicated to the Bulgarian virtuoso, Irina-Kalina Goudeva. S’Offal is a lyric piece integrating multiphonic chords with melodicism morphing into multiphonic gestures. Kishkus is essentially about motion and transformation between beating tones, sliding harmonies, whistling double-stops, vertical bowing, and lowness. Tracks 9 and 10, imAge/contrabass and imagE/contrabass are composed by Roger Reynolds. He writes: The image series involves brief complementary works for a variety of instruments. image/… is “evocative”. Concerned with symmetry, it is more lyrical, continous, even tender. image/… is “articulate” and sectional, tending towards assertion and variety. image/contrabass arose out of intensive interaction with bassist Mark Dresser (to whom it is dedicated) and incorporates a number of his signature approaches to the wonders of his instrument. The final track, Ekoneni, is a groove-oriented tune dedicated to the great late writer from Zimbabwe, Yvonne Vera, whose novel “The Stone Virgins” inspired the piece. Bacachaonne, a “chaconne,” which appears only on the DVD, is dedicated to the late Cuban innovator Isreal “Cachao” Lopez. It was begun not long after 9/11. There are no overdubs on this CD.

CD Track list:
1. Visceras
2. Spleendeed  
3. Innard Pulse
4. Dermus  
5. Duohandum
6. K-Tude  
7. S'Offal
8. Kishkus
9. imAge/contrabass  
10. imagE/contrabass
11. Ekoneni